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Richardson Pick for Obama Cabinet Prompts Call for More Latinos

Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) — Bill Richardson’s nomination as Commerce secretary won’t satisfy top Latino lawmakers, who sent President-elect Barack Obama’s transition office a letter yesterday afternoon recommending a slate of 14 Hispanics for the remaining eight Cabinet slots.

“We’d definitely be disappointed,” if Richardson, 61, a former energy secretary and United Nations ambassador, were the lone Latino in Obama’s Cabinet, said California Representative Joe Baca, the chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. He warned that Obama’s legislative agenda could be jeopardized if the president-elect doesn’t nominate additional Hispanics.

In other words, “Yo, Barry, nice agenda you got there — wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it, would you?”

Even some lefties are getting tired of this identity politics. As one of the sharper analysts among the open-borders crowd writes:

Identity politics get results in terms of the increased presence of the groups being promoted. But the election of an African-American president may signal that it’s time to leave identity politics behind when it comes to governance and embrace the politics of the common good.

His definition of the common good is clearly different from mine, but given the source, it’s a refreshing sentiment nonetheless.

Though using Richardson as some kind of Hispanic vote-getter is probably pointless anyway. As Sailer has written:

The problem with Richardson as the perfect Hispandering Ploy is that unlike the Beltway political junkies who are always talking Richardson up, Mexicans don’t pay much attention to politics, so most of them don’t notice Richardson’s 3/4 Mexicanness because he doesn’t have a Spanish surname. So, it’s a waste.


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