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He’s Doing It for the Children


An e-mail:

I’m a 32 year old, happily married father of 2 young girls with a boy on the way …. and a proud conservative from the great red state of Georgia. I pledged $500 over the next 10 months and it is my first donation to any conservative cause, however, I see this mostly as an investment in my kids and their future. I see this small $500 investment in NR as no different an investment in my kids’ future than I would see in funding their college accounts (hopefully the NR return will be a bit better than the latterJ).

We just moved back to the US after being in Switzerland with my company for 3 years. We saw first hand the mess that socialism has made of Europe in our time there (fortunately the Swiss haven’t completely bought in). I don’t want to see socialism ruin our great country.

Please continue fighting the good fight!

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