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Obama’s Grace Period


I was surprised by this headline on Politico this morning: “Holder pardon makes Dems squirm.” I was all prepared to e-mail it to Andy McCarthy, to let him know he isn’t alone. I was preparing to be refreshed by Democrats’ self-awareness — not wanting to remain associated with one of the shameful excesses of the Clinton administration.

Alas. The article doesn’t really support the headline. Parts of the piece read a little bit like a GOP backgrounder, with past quotes from Democrats, but nothing fresh from the Schumers of the Hill.

And there’s this fresh quote: “I don’t think there is anything [in Holder’s record] that would disqualify him,” said an aide to one GOP senator on the Judiciary Committee. “Certainly there are opportunities to make some of the Democrat senators a little red faced.”

In other words: The Holder nomination is a done deal. It’s hard to come away from that piece thinking much else.

I do think that Republicans on the Hill should pick their fights carefully. And I’m partial to a little room for some Patriotic Grace: Support the president. Let him have who he wants, within reason. But be critical. And I think Holder deserves some real critical analysis. If you’re a Republican on the judiciary committee, that’s your job. If you’re a Democrat on the judiciary committee, that’s your job too. But if the minority party isn’t even up to it …


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