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Primetime Abortion


Did anyone else watch Private Practice last night?

Warning: I’m going to serve up some spoilers.

The story angles on abortion and motherhood disturbed my sleep. I think the writers, etc. may think they were being fair. I give them points for even touching upon the topic of guilt. They may have had the best intentions to be fair, even I had high hopes that they were going to be. But the abortion-performing doctor had to be the hero in the end. The pro-life doctor had to be one-dimensional. Tim Daly’s character had to be a heel for his initial objections. It was disappointing that female doctors working in gynecology couldn’t even have a civil discussion about it when one of them happened to be pro-life. Maybe realistic, but disappointing.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the show before. Maybe they’ve done better. Maybe they will. But I thought in the end what could have been very constructive was too conventional — primetime PC.

A groundbreaking show might work in someone seeing an abortionchangesyou ad and a real discussion about it, a real heartbreaking story. And maybe leave it a question mark who is right and who is wrong. I’m not asking for a National Right to Life Committee drama, I’m just looking for some honesty.

UPDATE: A readers reminds me of one of the most outrageous lines from the show: “Everyone without a vagina leave.  NOW.”


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