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Illegal Immigration Won’t Just Take Care of Itself


The latest open-borders story line is that illegal immigration isn’t a problem because people will just leave when the economy slows down. Well, there’s no doubt that the pull to come here is less in bad economic times, but is it enough — on its own — to get illegals already here to leave? A piece in today’s Examiner suggests not:

“Whatever conditions you have here are still probably better than what they have at home,” Quiroz said. “People used to send $300, $400, $500 a month back home; now they’re just saying, ‘Well, we’re having a bad time here too’ and not sending what they used to send.”

But a sidebar that looks at the very real decline in suburban Prince William County due to stepped-up enforcement demonstrates that the illegal population can be reduced, but it requires proactive measures — if you will, harnessing the wind of an economic slowdown by hoisting the sail of enforcement. And our research has shown just that — that the illegal population nationwide began to drop before the unemployment rate for illegal immigrants started to climb.