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re: Winning by Addition


I totally take your point, Jim, and agree with it. Save for this one clarification since you brought him up: Issues with Andrew Sullivan have not just been about gay marriage.

I do, however, love his taste in music (’80s).

On a much more serious note, I’ve long respected him. We share a lot of the same passions — he clearly has a love for God, freedom, marriage, human rights, America … We don’t, however, always agree how that shakes out (obviously). And Jim, of course, is absolutely right: Finding common ground on difficult issues is important. And as I wrote earlier, there is some real value in Patriotic Grace -type cautions. Just as long as you know where you stand. Please talk and make strategic alliances but do not compromise those principles or surrender prematurely.

UPDATE: Readers mention his Trig Palin posts as an example of why they do not and will not read him. I really thought that was shameful. And some of us here said that at the time. (And I actually don’t think I’ve managed to get myself to read him ever since.) But I do think Jim’s main point stands, and it need not be about Andrew Sullivan specifically: If you can find some common ground with someone who has a public following, who has a vote, etc., that can be a very good thing.