The Great Race

by Jonah Goldberg

In July, I posted the following:

A reader pointed out to me that if you go to the Corner search page and click on a single author but don’t enter any search-words, you’ll get every Corner post that author has ever made (Chaka: That right?).

So, it seems I’ve posted 17,124 times. Kathryn, meanwhile, has posted 23, 833 times.

It seems we’re the only ones in double-digits. (Lowry? A paltry 5,083. Ponnuru 4,771. Derb: 6,949. Yuval Levin 230!).

Anyway, I’m wondering if I can beat her to 25,000?

Update: If you search for a period — “.” — you get 108,429 results (searching with a blank field and “all authors” doesn’t work). So I assume that’s the total number of Corner posts since we started this thing, around the time of this momentous post.

Since then, assuming nothing’s changed in how the software counts this stuff, I’ve added a paltry 1,031 posts to the Corner, for a total of 18,155. Meanwhile, Lopez has added an astounding 2,332 times for a total of 26,165.

The burning question: Can Goldberg catch up before the end of the calendar year? Maybe so. But it will require posting each Debby oddlink individually from now on.

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