What I’m Watching

by Jonah Goldberg

A few readers have asked me, other than 30 Rock, what my favorite TV shows are these days.

Well, of new shows (i.e. not reruns of the Wire or whatnot), my regulars, in no particular order are:

30 Rock, Prison Break (an absurdly addictive male soap opera), The Office, Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (better in the second season), Dexter (brilliant), Chuck (fun), The Unit, House (a near obsession in the Goldberg household), Top Chef (another obsession), Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives (a third obsession) and I guess a few others like Lost whenever it comes back. And Breaking Bad — which was outstanding — whenever that returns. I watched the first few episodes of Fringe thinking I would like it, but I grew weary with the “what’s in the box?” schtick. Several readers tell me I should give it another shot.

I tried to get into HBO’s True Blood, which should be my kind of thing, and I still watch it ocassionally, but I think there’s an ill-defined agenda to it (pervy southern gothic sex nonsense for want of a more apt label) that bores me.

Full disclosure, during the book tour I got in the habit of iTuning a lot of TV and watching big chunks of shows all at once on my computer or iPod while travelling or decompressing in a hotel. I still do that quite a bit, in part because the Fair Jessica doesn’t share my love television and in part because I don’t want the TV on constantly. So, I’ll probably catch up on 24 and Mad Men that way too, though I think the hooplah over Mad Men is a bit misplaced.

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