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Re: Coffin versus Parker


Jason writes, “I think what’s right in what Parker says is that religious conservatives would be wise to be mindful of this, and to choose their rhetoric accordingly.”

This is odd to me, like most generalizations of this sort. I am not sure if I am a “religious conservative,” anymore than the Founders were religious conservatives. And they spoke of religion a lot, including in the Declaration.

But who are all these religious conservatives who are not supposedly acting in ways that accommodate the fears of Parker and Jason? In response, I would advise those who are not “religious” to be mindful of their rhetoric. As someone who believes in God and has faith, but is not particularly oriented toward the bureaucracy of religion, I find the attacks on “religious conservatives” to be troubling.

Let me also suggest that in many ways it is the “religious conservative” who is provoked — by the courts, by liberal governors, etc. I wish the government and some of these politicians would behave more “constitutionally.”