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Iran News Round Up



  • Advar News says 3,000 students participate in the Student Day demonstrations in Tehran. The students chanted: “Death to the dictator’, “Death to dictatorship”, “Shame on the Populist Government”, “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Agent of Discrimination and Corruption,” “Women Rights, Human Rights.”
  • Tehran mayor Qalibaf speak at Research and Innovation in Urban Management in Tehran and says politics should not bar experts from contributing to city development.
  • Combatant Clergy General Secretary Ayatollah Mousavi Khoeini-ha urges followers of the principle of Absolute Guardianship of the Supreme Jurist [Velayat-e Motlaqeh-ye Faqih] should also pay attention to  Khomeini’s maxim that “Popular vote is the measure” [Mizan ra'-ye mardom ast.]
  • Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi attacks critics of Ahmadinejad whom he calls “the Army of Satan,” and “the parties of unbelief and hypocrisy.”
  • Ahmadinejad travels to Khuzistan.
  • Former Acting Interior Minister Ali Kordan appointed presidential advisor for planning.


  • Reformist theoretician Mostafa Tajzadeh: “It seems that Mr. Ahmadinejad has finally understood that Holocaust denial has been a mistake from the very beginning. Therefore it is strange that his second rate supporters still support that position…Now that he [Ahmadinejad] has understood that discussing the issue is not to the benefit of the country or, for that sake, to the people of Palestine and is also to the detriment of  his supporters, they must also not make such statements…Mr. President has given such a great gift to the Israeli regime which was otherwise blamed for genocide and occupation…”
  • Khamenei’s message to Iranian pilgrims to Mecca: “Today, more than ever, Muslims from all countries and all races must cherish this ritual [of Hajj]. The horizon of the Islamic community of believers is brighter than ever…”
  • Larijani, at Tehran’s Friday prayers: “When it comes to Iran’s nuclear issue, they have said that they [the U.S.] is pursuing the policy of bigger sticks and sweeter carrots. This rhetoric is only good for them, since they are former cowboys. Such words are not words of change, but all smell old and insult the nations.”
  • Khamenei meets Ecuador’s president.
  • Iranian students arrange demonstration in front of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran to protest Saudi-Israeli relations.
  • Baztab News Agency says wife of the Danish Prime Minister contributes to the finances of her family by acting as a dancer at “private parties.”
  • Former Iranian ambassador to the United Nations says both Iran and the U.S. suffer from lack of formal diplomatic relations.
  • (E) Hero Ibrahim Ahmad, Jalal Talabani’s wife, invites Iranian comedian to Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • (E) Herbert Honsowitz, Germany’s ambassador to Tehran (and a repeated opponent of sanctions and proponent of furthering business relations with the Islamic Republic regardless of its nuclear activity), announces that a German parliamentary delegation will travel to Iran.


  • Former Central Bank Director General Tahmasb Mazaheri contradicts earlier official statements: ”The Foreign exchange reserve has not been converted to gold. This has never happened and it will never happen…The statements are either made because of the ignorance of the person who has made the statements because the issue is outside his field of expertise or the press has been wrong…”
  • Academic Seyyed Hossein Qasemi says the Ahmadinejad government’s economic reform scheme is not properly planned.
  • The Iranian government says it will build seven oil refineries.

Religion, Culture, and Society

  • Tehran Municipality says it has started an “Academic Jihad” to make city planning and urban development more scientific.
  • Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry endorses new Islamic fashion.
  • Three minor earthquakes in Qeshm.

Military and Security

  • Ali Shamkhani, head of the Strategic Studies Center of the Armed Forces, says the military threat against Iran has been reduced and that if “they wanted to do something, they would have done it by now.”
  • Defense Minister Najjar says the war games and missile tests demonstrate Iran’s power and effectively of the Iran’s military industries.

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