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To Every Thing There Is a Season


David Horowitz’s piece on the home page stomping on the ridiculous, bitter-ender efforts to disqualify Obama from the presidency illustrates what might be an amendment to Ecclesiastes: there is a time to bomb-throw and a time to refrain from bomb-throwing. Bravo to David for being out front on this.

The Supreme Court this morning refused to hear the case challenging Obama’s eligibility. This is good, on the one hand, given how loony this whole thing is (the plaintiff asserted that McCain wasn’t eligible to be president either — at that would leave who, Nader?). On the other hand, this issue has grown legs and it might have been good to have the Supreme Court formally decide at least that having a non-citizen parent does not preclude you from being “natural-born,” which is the issue in this lawsuit (not the “fake” birth certificate or whatever else is circulating out there).


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