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That Was Then, This Is Now -- III


The casual reader of the Blag transcripts has two reactions.  First: this guy appears really crude — crude in the sense of vulgar, mean-spirited, and arrogant. Second: his manner of reference, and what he takes for granted about business and politics, assume that criminality is always the first (and only) way of doing business.

In theory, all this should in a strange way help Obama. How?  In the sense that anyone who came clean out of that Chicago political miasma that the transcript reflects must have unusual integrity. So why then does Axelrod say he “misspoke” and suddenly remind us that we are back to the campaign parlance of “Not the [fill in the blanks] I knew…” and “[fill in the blanks] was only a casual acquaintance”?

Much better if they all had just said that the gov and the president-elect sometimes by needs worked together and talked often as one would expect from fellow Illinois politicians, and thus Obama is as surprised as anyone else at the alleged criminality. But the unlikely extreme disclaimer of Obama’s about not talking at all to the Governor only invited the embarrassing extreme correction “misspoke.”

One strange artifact of this entire mess is that on Monday the heavyweights in the media were still in a sort of angst at the Constitution that prevented President-Elect Obama from assuming office right now as if the bothersome document was forcing us to suffer another 40 days of Bush — and, then, 24 hrs. later all that was suddenly by Tuesday morning gone and replaced by dozens of choruses of “Of course, President-Elect Obama knew nothing of… did not….never met… was not…”

If the creepy Governor Blagojevich is responsible for ending all talk of amending the Constitution, then we at least owe him something.