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A Lingering Question...


In all the cacophony, there seems really about only one key question involving the Presidency-elect — was or was not Blagojevich in contact with the Obama transition team about their preferences for the Obama Senate seat (nothing wrong there other than it’s largely at odds with Obama’s sweeping disclaimers), and if Blagojevich raised something improper in any disagreement over an Obama preference for his replacement, did the Obama interrogators at that point contact the Special Prosecutor about any suspected impropriety?

The question is not as simple as it sounds. If there are wiretap transcripts, anyone from the Obama transition team who engaged in discussions could well have been recorded. It would be left to a prosecutor to determine whether he or she was being approached with a quid pro quo bribe — and what was his or her ethical (even if not legal) response to it, i.e., did they contact any law enforcement agency with such information, and if not, why, as avatars of hope and change, not?


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