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Re: Name That Scandal!


Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this much mail. Well, here are some suggested names for the Blagojevich imbroglio, in no particular order:

Blago Affair, Blagopalooza, Blago-Rahma, Blago-Bama-Rahma, Bling4Blago, Seatwater, Grand Theft Blago, Blago-Grab (like Abu-Ghraib), Blagola (like payola), an attempt at a Blagopoly, Blag-mire, Blag-pro-quo, Blago-ditch, Blag-out, Blagobamanation, Blagobamamania, Blagobama, Grab-Blag, Dem-Blago, BlagoMart, Blagorama, Blagodrama, Blaygo (or Blago-paygo), P2PGate (Pay to Play Gate), Blagojevich 5, Senat-Ebay, E-Blago-bay gate, Blago-auction, ChiBlagoScam, Chicago’s ethical Blag Hole, Just-a-governor-from-the-neighborhood-gate, the Crackpot Dome-hair Scandal.

Or, of course, just “Chicago politics.”


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