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I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Steering Clear of the Malls


From my Christmas-gift suggestion list, complete with Mall-free links:

The Hoover Institution owns and has released some Firing Line classics on DVD. I know the more frugal things would be to wait for boxed sets of complete seasons, but I do want some of what’s available for Christmas and so will no doubt be spreading the wealth by giving a little Reagan, Muggeridge, Goldwater, Clare Booth Luce, and others this Christmas.

Speaking of WFB, when not negotiating with Jack Fowler for one of the last copies of The Unmaking of a Mayor — or bidding on eBay — I’ll be picking up copies of The Reagan I Knew, which is truly a joy to read.

Obama-issues aside, Christopher Buckley is clever, period. So his new one is on my list. Peggy Noonan says important things in Patriotic Grace. You probably haven’t agreed with her every column this election cycle, but she is a smart, vibrant artist with an ear on our times and a heart attuned to the fundamentals.

Bill Bennett has a solution to the latest ISI we-don’t-know-anything-about-America report in his American Patriot’s Almanac: Daily Readings on America.

Amity Shlaes’s The Forgotten Man would be a great history book anytime, but perfect for the moment.

If you’re looking to give a short, solid read to take someone’s mind off the mundane and put it onto important things, consider Amata Means Beloved, by Sister Mary Catharine Perry, O.P. It’s a quick murder mystery written by a cloistered nun (who also, as it happens, blogs!). And while you’re at it, you might consider going monastic this Christmas. It’s not just fruitcakes, but hand creme and mustard and wine and candles and coffee and thanks to Anchoress for the idea.

And since I’m roaming Catholic, what better gift than the gift of a good retreat opportunity? For the skeptics, try the slim, direct Greater Than You Think.

But before you’re done — consider sending some Books [to] Soldiers or helping Move America Forward send care packages to those who are on the frontlines this Christmas. (More ideas here.)

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