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Mr. Long, Shanghaied


In the middle of last month, the inimitable Mr. Rob Long announced, a) that he had a screenplay to complete, b) that he had become more or less addicted to the distracting electronic appurtenances of modern life, including, for example, email, cell phones, instant messaging, and twitters, c) that he had just learned that even today there remains one large portion of the earth’s surface entirely out of reach of the electronic cloud; namely, the Pacific Ocean, and, d) that he had therefore booked passage on a container ship traveling from Seattle to Shanghai.  Farewell, he told us all by email, as the “Hanjin Miami” pulled out of port.

That was more than three weeks ago.  What has followed has been a deep radio silence–until now.  Off the coast of Korea, with a moment of satellite coverage suddenly available, Rob sent an email to reassure his friends that he lived and breathed–and was indeed writing.  See below.  And make a mental note to remain alert, about 18 months from now, to the opening of a new Rob Long movie.  After what the man has put himself through, it’ll prove brilliant.


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