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This Impromptus item just about perfectly reflects every e-mail I’ve gotten about Ed Koch since the endorsement happened:

Ed Koch wrote the below in his column of December 1:

Recently I conducted a seminar for twelve interns a few years out of college who were sent to me by a foundation that placed them with private firms and public agencies for work experience.

The group asked me what was my greatest concern. I told them that I feared for America’s future. I said I do not believe our children are willing to fight and die to defend American ideals and that consequently we might lose the war against Western civilization being waged by international Islamic terrorists.

I said that Americans love life and respect religious freedom. Islamist terrorists, on the other hand, long to die as religious martyrs while forcibly converting the infidel, primarily Christians, Jews and Hindus.

I repeated what Bernard Lewis, the great historian and specialist on Islam, had told me, that forced conversion or death could be averted if Christians and Jews recognized the supremacy of Islam and paid tribute, while followers of other religions did not have that option.

I was surprised at the opposition of many in the room to my statements. Two young women identified themselves as Muslims. They vigorously disputed my statements. I asked them to check with Islamic scholars and continue e-mail discussions with me on the subject. They said they would. If I hear from them, I’ll let you know what they say.

At the end of the hour, I asked the group to demonstrate by a show of hands who agreed with me and who agreed with those who do not think Islamic terrorism is the great danger to the world that I had described. It was shocking to me that the interns split evenly, 6 to 6. Now I fear more than ever for America’s future.

And yet Mayor Koch supported Obama-Biden over McCain-Palin (after supporting Bush-Cheney in the previous election). Maddening.


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