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Friends of Bernie?


Given what we know of Stevens, Rangel, and the Freddie/Fannie circle, surely no one like Bernie Madoff steals billions right under the N.Y./D.C. radar without friends in high places. Can’t our media do some research and find out exactly to whom and to what degree he donated to Congress? (Names and amounts?) This makes Ken Lay look tiny.

And how counterintuitive this is all getting: What started all this was the Freddie/Fannie nexus (e.g., we former politicians at both agencies give Congress tens of thousands, they brag about helping the less well-off while giving us in turn the go-ahead to lend more, we get inflated bonuses, the taxpayers cover the ensuing mess) and it should have warned us about the ongoing auto, bank, and financial-house bailouts.

All we are doing is setting the stage for yet another decade of corruption, as ex-Congress and administration people will revolve into these now quasi-government entities, and then get rich lobbying their former friends to continue the life-support tubes. At least when a right-winger like Stevens gets caught we can chalk it up to greed or arrogance, but for others, as we’ve seen with Rangel or Dodd, there are supposedly the high motives of helping others that explain why one doesn’t pay taxes or gives the rich tax breaks or gets a cut on his mortgage or has his campaign stash refilled. We are seeing a sort of insidious sort of “I did it all for the people” unspoken defense of self-aggrandizement.


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