The Torture Narrative Goes On ... And On

by Andrew C. McCarthy

We have an editorial today about the report on detainee treatment issued last week by the Senate Armed Services Committee, under the relentlessly partisan leadership of Sen. Carl Levin.  As the editors observe:

This document is the latest chapter in the Democrats’ torture narrative — a warped tale that trivializes true torture by confounding it with less extreme forms of interrogation. The committee thoroughly misrepresents the legal standards that govern detainee treatment and ignores non-partisan investigations that have found no evidence of a systematic program of abuse. Perhaps most significant, the Democrats ignore the fact that those rare episodes of abuse that have been uncovered have resulted in prosecutions. 

The full editorial can be found here.  As the Supreme Court demonstrated yesterday with its directive that a federal appeals court reconsider the torture claims of four enemy combatants (see here for more), the issue is not going away any time soon … if ever.

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