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Shoe Shame


Earlier this week, I completed my Media Research Center ballot for their worst-of the media 2008. Judging their collection is always a little bit like drinking a cup of espresso — a jolt of outrageous reporting I had otherwise tried to block out of my memory. Bill Moyers equated using Rev. Wright as an issue against Barack Obama in the presidential campaign with assassination. Assassination.

And yesterday the Washington Post published yesterday an ode to a “hero,” the shoe thrower.

I’m sorry, but am I crazy to take a little offense in that shoe incident? On behalf of my president, on foreign soil. On behalf of my fellow countrymen and women. On behalf of the men and women serving in our armed forces who have made it possible for the “hero” of the story to fling shoes. On behalf of those same men and women, so many who respect and even love this commander-in-chief.

I cringe — like many of us — when I read that the shoe-thrower may have been beaten in prison. For p.r. if nothing else, guys! But another wrong does not make a right — or a desire in me to understand the root cause; forgive me. Bad things happen, all around. And, please, guys, be humane, even in the face of shameful acts. But the fact remains: A journalist committed an outrage and the media here should be outraged, not publishing odes to him.

P.S. Far from being the deer in the headlights he’s portrayed as, our George W. Bush is quick, isn’t he?

P.S. I realized last night that Dana Perino has a black eye. In the chaos, a mic apparently fell on her over there. A small thing in the context of war and peace, but a daily reminder of the White House press corps of the shame of this. But enjoy your odes.