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Frank & Blago Cont’d


From Mike the anonymous reader:

Regarding your post earlier today on Thomas Frank’s article: I haven’t been an Illinois resident for long, but I already know that the notion that “none of Blago’s ideas were identifiably liberal” to be untrue. Two examples I am keenly aware of.

He ran his 2006 reelection campaign on the promise to raise the minimum wage in Illinois to $7.50/hr, which he did in July 2007.

During last year’s annual CTA funding crisis, after a long slog of special budget sessions in Springfield, he finally agreed to a compromise Chicago transit funding bill, but only after insisting on a free rider program for seniors just before the bill was set to pass.

Googling around, I find this paragraph from a recent USAToday article.
He has signed legislation that increased education funding, raised the minimum wage and expanded health care coverage while keeping a promise not to raise income or sales taxes.

I suppose that doesn’t sound “identifiably liberal” to Thomas Frank.

Mike the anonymous reader


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