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Reaction in Illinois


After the Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s case that Rod Blagojevich is disabled and therefore cannot serve as governor, I got a chance to speak to State Senate Republican leader Christine Radogno. She remarked to me this afternoon that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s attempt to have Blagojevich ruled incompetent was politically motivated and never had much of a chance of success.

“Everyone knew it was quite a stretch,” she said. “If you know the history in Illinois, obviously our previous governor, George Ryan (R), is in jail. Jim Ryan, no relation, was the Republican attorney general at that time. And when George Ryan was being investigated for corruption, Jim Ryan really didn’t do anything, and he was criticized for that when he ran for governor (in 2002). So Lisa Madigan is thinking, hey, I’ve got to do something so that I don’t suffer the same criticism.”

Her opinion reflect’s Byron’s excellent piece on the subject, in which he points out the circular logic of Madigan’s case.