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Year of the Squid


National Geographic has posted its Top Ten Photos of ‘08, and there appears to be a theme: Terrifying aquatic life forms. Check out no. 8, the colossal squid fished out of the deep waters off the coast of Antarctica. At the bottom of the page, you’re encouraged to click for “more photos of the squid dissection.” Yes!

A few clicks later and you arrive at no. 5, “Alien-like Squid Seen at Deep Drilling Site.” Is the Sierra Club planting these things around rigs to terrify oil producers?


“Drill, baby, dri — what? Dear God, no, no, get it off me, GET IT OFF ME!”

The year-end round-up also includes a giant stingray and massive starfish that some people apparently lacked the good sense to leave alone. And if you’re not creeped out by freaky sea animals, how about a lizard and a snake eating each other’s head? And I’ll leave it to Jonah to provide a more thorough analysis of the no. 1 pic of the year and what it portends for humanity. Suffice it to say there’s never been a more powerful visual argument for volcano-lancing, ever.


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