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BTC: Christmas Bonus Edition


Normally, we post Between the Covers podcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But this week and next are a little different, so we’ve put up two today and will do the same next Monday.

The first is on G. K. Chesterton’s Father Brown stories. Alas, without going into seance mode, we can’t interview Chesterton himself, so we’ve gone with Kevin O’Brien, an actor who provided the voice for a new audiobook edition of The Innocence of Father Brown. He happens to know an awful lot about Chesterton and Father Brown, so the interview covers this as well as what it takes to give a dramatic reading of a book.

The second is with Mir Bahmanyar, co-author of SEALs: The U.S. Navy’s Elite Fighting Force. I ask him why the SEALs aren’t called the sharks or the barracudas, what they heck they do in a landlocked country such as Afghanistan, and about two recent Medal of Honor recipients.


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