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Sweet Charity


There is a beautiful story of anonymous charity in the New York Times today. It underscores the moral failings of the so-called “big and bold” $850 billion stimulus package being discussed by Congress. There is no doubt that many of those billions will wind up with people who hardly need stimulus. Congressmen and those with access will make certain of it. And the rest of the country can only watch in wonder as tremendous debts are incurred that will likely never be paid off but which will be a hidden drain on their future prosperity and that of subsequent generations. Contrast that with the voluntary acts of mercy described in the article above, which in no way profited the giver and made a significant, direct and morally improving impact on the recipients. The personal fortunes that will be arranged — I hesitate to say “made” — from this stimulus bill will be a national shame. But they will be well concealed in the depths of legislation, policy and administration. This bill is theft on a grand scale, standing on questionable economic theory and cloaked in the language of altruism. We will wind up paying for it, and those who are right now arranging this unconscionable act will get away with it, unless there is any justice at election time in 2010.


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