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Kinsley on Caroline


Michael Kinsley writes that “it is precisely the fear that she would be a formidable candidate, likely to be elected again and again, that is driving Republicans to gin up a phony issue and bully New York Gov. David [Paterson] out of appointing her.” That’s three untruths in one sentence. Rep. Gary Ackerman, one of the most outspoken critics of the possible appointment, is no Republican. The issue isn’t phony: Plenty of people sincerely find noxious the notion that Kennedys deserve Senate seats in any state they happen to reside–including people who think that Democrats are highly likely to retain the seat no matter whom Paterson appoints. (Count me in that category.) And on what planet is Paterson being “bullied”? If the criticism of this possible course of action counts as bullying, every opinion column ever written is an act of bullying, including, of course, all of Kinsley’s.