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Sowell and the Libertarians


Today, we have two brand-new podcast interviews:

Fan-favorite Thomas Sowell, author of a revised and enlarged edition of Applied Economics. He says that we all need to get beyond “stage one” thinking. Listen to the interview to find out what he means.

Ronald Hamowy, editor of the massive and massively interesting new book, The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism. We discuss everything from what defines a libertarian to why there are entries on Edmund Burke, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Ron Paul to what it was like to study under Hayek.

In an NRO podcast version of harmonic convergence, here’s part of what The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism says about Sowell: “Although well known for his writings on race and culture, Sowell’s emphasis on free and open markets shows up consistently in his writings, which span economics, history, and social policy. In each, he characteristically transforms complex, emotional issues into readily into understandable examinations within a global and historical perspective.”

That’s exactly right, as Sowell demonstrates once again in our interview.


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