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Dying in the Waiting Room


Your socialized medicine horror story du jour.

Update: A bunch of readers — most apparently directed her from elsewhere — are quite miffed with the above post. Here’s what passes as the most thoughtful so far:

Using a sad tragedy as anecdotal evidence to support a position, simply highlights the paucity of intellectual thought that goes on here on this website. Especially when people throughout this country are losing their jobs, their health insurance, and are suffering as a result.
I’d like you to address why it is that the USA is the only industrialized, democratic nation where healthcare is provided by employers. (Look towards the labor union movement.)
Although you may simply respond by calling me names, as you have others who’ve disagreed with you, I had to point this out.

Me: Uh huh. A few scattershot points. First, it’s mildly amusing that this brilliant and insightful reader (see! No insults!) is doing precisely what she condemns, using a single anecdotal example to make a sweeping generalization. Among the differences, is that I’ve actually discussed the problems with socialized medicine in the Corner plenty of times, though not nearly so much as my colleagues. Moreover, she’s using this anecdote to deliver a sweeping, inaccurate, insult against NRO. I was merely calling attention to a painful truth.

That said, of course, this sort of thing happens in America too. Never said it didn’t. I’m perfectly willing to concede the point. Indeed, I’m no huge defender of the status quo in American healthcare. But I think more bureaucracy and government control won’t reduce the number of such horror stories on our shores, it will multiply them.

Finally, I assume this reader and all the others will condemn argument by anecdote wherever they find it.


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