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Press Release of the Day


I hate press releases. I admit, it’s often an irrational hatred because press releases have their role in our society. But there’s something about the way most of them are written that puts me on edge. They assume a certain level of stupidity, laziness and gullibility on the part of the reader. That’s probably well-advised, but I find it personally annoying. It’s sort of like my annoyance with faux-personalized mass email from companies (and some bloggers). But I must say this press release from Yo! Raps p.r. caught me off guard in that I find it makes a totally different set assumptions about me, the reader. Here’s the top:


Midwest Rapper And 106 & Park Champion Bigg Jigg Drops Hit Single “Streetz On Lock” And Prepares New Album “The Go 2 Man” For Release In 2009
The combination of Chi-Town winds and Miami sun mixed with a lethal stay fly swagg, the gift of lyricism, and a well deserved 05′ run on 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday not only created a monster, but it fueled a born hustla and business man who goes by the name of Bigg Jigg aka The Go 2 Man. Oh so vicious and violent in the vocal booth, Bigg Jigg got that product to keep the streets on lock and everything it takes to hit that Billboard spot!