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Judeophobic Logic


Yesterday Jonah reprised the incisive analysis of the guy who dragged me through all those “human rights” cases up in Canada, Dr. Mohamed Elmasry:

Gaza has, in fact, been reduced to a new Auschwitz: the only difference – a nightmarish irony — is that Jews are now playing the role of Hitler’s ruthless SS.

But maybe the real nightmarish irony is that that piker Hitler’s ruthless SS wasn’t ruthless enough. On the streets of Toronto, an anti-Israel demonstrator complains:

Hitler didn’t do a good job.

So Jews are only the new Nazis because the old Nazis didn’t do a good enough job. At Maclean’s and my trial in British Columbia, Dr Elmasry’s Canadian Islamic Congress claimed to represent all Canadian Muslims. so I wonder if this fellow is one of their members. By the way, it’s good to know that, while my books and columns may be ”hate crimes” in Ontario, shouting explicitly genocidal and eliminationist slogans on Toronto’s main downtown thoroughfare isn’t. Indeed, the city will send a large detachment of police officers to protect your right to do so.

I notice in the pictures of demonstrations in western cities many of the protestors appear to be Muslim. There is a crude arithmetic logic about European antipathy to the Zionist Entity: For your average finger-in-the-windy politician, there is simply no electoral upside in being pro-Israel, and quite a lot of potential downside. If you think Europe is soft on Israel’s “right to exist” now, just wait another ten years.


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