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Larry Flynt, quality pornographer, is suing his nephews for tarnishing his good name:

This week, he filed suit against two nephews who are using the family name for their own line of adult films. Flynt said he is going to court to protect his good name, saying that he is concerned that Jimmy Flynt II and Dustin Flynt might tarnish the Flynt franchise by producing lower-quality porn that the lawsuit calls “inferior products” and “knock-off goods”… Larry Flynt said he had seen his nephews’ films — which include titles such as “Positive Exposure” and “Sex at Your Service” — and was unimpressed.

If memory serves, the legal principle at stake is called “passing off”. But, as the old English music-hall joke used to go, will it stand up in court?

I find it interesting that US courts can legally prevent citizens from using their own names to cash in on famous relatives. (Except for Senate seats, obviously.)


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