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Death to the Great Satan’s cat!


Usually, when you hear jihadists droning on about pigs, apes, dogs, etc, it’s merely a rhetorical device to add a little blood-curdling color to their denunciations of Jews, Americans, infidels, and so forth. So this is a first — they’re attacking an actual specific cat:

Islamic Militants Ridicule Death Of Bush Cat

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Islamic militants posted sarcastic comments on an extremist Web site Tuesday ridiculing a recent announcement by First Lady Laura Bush that the family’s cat had died.

The online comments were unusual on the site that usually focuses on official statements by al-Qaida and other militants.

Whatever gets you through the night, guys. Has Mr Zawahiri or even the Sheikh himself weighed in yet to rejoice in this latest victory over the Great Satan? Allah is ensuring that it’s all going according to plan:

1993 – First attack on American iconic landmark in New York

1998 – Attack on American embassies in Africa

2000 – Attack on American warship, the Cole

2001 – Second attack on American iconic landmark in New York

2009 - Devastatingly withering remarks about American leader’s family pet


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