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He’ll Be Missed When He’s Gone ...


Mark my words.

On Wednesday, some conservative journalists had a final lunch discussion with Vice President Cheney at his residence. Over the past eight years, the vice president has periodically hosted these sessions and was always unfailingly candid and insightful. And charming and quick-witted.

Wednesday he talked about a range of issues. On the international front, he mentioned multiple challenges, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and Russia. He concluded, “it’s a big, complex, dangerous world out there and President Obama and his people are going to have their hands full.”

He expressed concerns about the president-elect’s approach to the war on terror based on his campaign rhetoric but noted that Senator Obama did vote to reauthorize the terrorist surveillance program. He recommends (hopes?) that the Obama team will carefully study the whats and whys of the Bush administration’s (successful) efforts in countering the terrorist threat before abandoning certain strategies. While hoping they get it right, he’s worried. So, so am I.

Fortunately, the vice president is giving “serious thought to writing a book.” Let’s hope we will continue to benefit from his unparalled experience and sound judgment.

Finally, for the umpteenth time the caricature of this talented, temperate, dedicated patriot struck me as insane.


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