Re: A Good Pick

by Steven F. Hayward

I’m cautiously with Iain and Jon Adler about Sunstein.  I’ve long been wary of his published works on constitutionalism, which Mark Levin rightly scores for their radicalism.  But on economic questions Sunstein is a more curious case.  I heard him two years ago at the American Political Science Association trying to persuade a Claremont Institute panel that American liberalism had been “Hayekianized” in the 1990s under Bill Clinton (i.e., NAFTA, welfare reform, cutting the cap gains tax, being generally more pro-market than the older New Deal liberalism); the audience was not much persuaded.  But Sunstein generally supports cost-benefit analysis, and he has expressed some skepticism about the Kyoto approach to climate change.  I suspect he will not see eye-to-eye with science adviser John Holdren or Carol Browner, which would be good news.  In any event, this is a better post for him than, say, Supreme Court justice.