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Re: RJN Round-Up


From Fr. Neuhaus’s final entry in “The Public Square” in the new (February 2009) issue of First Things that reached my mailbox on Friday, the day after his death:

As of this writing, I am contending with a cancer, presently of unknown origin.…  I am grateful beyond measure for your prayers storming the gates of heaven.  Be assured that I neither fear to die nor refuse to live.  If it is to die, all that has been is but a slight intimation of what is to be.  If it is to live, there is much that I hope to do in the interim.…  Who knew that at this point in life I would be understanding, as if for the first time, the words of Paul, “When I am weak, then I am strong”?  This is not a farewell.  Please God, we will be pondering together the follies and splendors of the Church and the world for years to come.  But maybe not.  In any event, when there is an unidentified agent in your body aggressively attacking the good things your body is intended to do, it does concentrate the mind.  The entirety of our prayer is “Your will be done”—not as a note of resignation but of desire beyond expression.  To that end, I commend myself to your intercession, and that of all the saints and angels who accompany us each step through time toward home.


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