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What Iranians Are Saying about Gaza


A snapshot, translated from Persian, of what — according to an employee of Radio Farda — Iranians from inside Iran are texting into the Prague-based component of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

—”As long as they [our government] are helping Lebanon and Palestine, we’re not going to have a decent living.”

—”We’re soldiers from Jebrani and we dont have enough to eat, but the government is airlifting food and medicine top Gaza.”

— “In my opinion, it would be better if our leaders, together with their supporters, would relocate to Palestine. … This way we would have peace and quiet in Iran and our economic situation would improve.”

–”If Gaza is a real Holocaust, Iran is the real Gaza.”

—”Yes, it’s true. [I hear] they want to give part of our salaries to Hamas.”

—”Any other country (apart from Israel) would have done the same a long time ago.”

—”Hamas should be destroyed. This cowardly group is taking cover in hospitals and residential areas. The people of Gaza should help Israel.”

–”The clerical regime regime is lying. It was not Israel who started this war.”


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