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Congratulations and Godspeed to President Barack Obama; may his service in the coming four years serve to better this great country.

His speech was excellent, and as Cliff May mentioned, could have–in large part–been given by John McCain, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan. It sounded many historic, traditional, and entrepreneurial themes which have always been the bedrock of this country.

President Obama re-affirmed the threat we face, and our need to defeat it–signaling that we will continue the Bush policy of treating radical Islam as an enemy, not a police action. He also called for individual action, not government solutions, in light of the economic ills we face.  May these words continue to guide his administration.

Finally, as a soldier and veteran, it was deeply appreciated to hear President Obama describe military service and sacrifice as “embody(ing) the spirit of service.”  In past speeches on service he has failed to even mention military service, yet here, he made it the centerpiece of his call for national service. Job well done and well spoken.

I hope and pray he continues this call to military service (and all service), as our nation faces future threats and the need for a robust fighting force. 

Our new Commander-in-Chief did very well on this day.


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