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Re Race Relations, 2009


Well, Derb, you do indeed have “a few questions,” but I wonder how much you really disagree with my answers, at least as second-best answers for the real world in which conservatives live.

On your first point, if we don’t want African Americans to view themselves and be viewed by others as just another American ethnic group, then what do you propose as the alternative?

Your next point is, “All discrimination laws should be struck down.” That’s simply not realistic. And so: We–or at least I–work for the abolition of racial preferences, so that the discrimination laws we have will protect all Americans equally.

Next, you think that bigotry is inborn. Some of it may be, but much of it is fed by people observing disproportionate social pathologies, so that correcting them would stifle the bigotry. Meanwhile, rather than accepting bigotry, I see little harm in fighting social pathologies like crime, illegitimacy, drug addiction, and the belief that studying hard is “acting white.”

Finally, I do think that the biggest problem facing African Americans today is the fact that their illegitimacy rate is 7 out of 10, versus 1 out of 4 for non-Hispanic whites (the latter is also too high, I agree).  I did not say, “Obama will fix it by example!”  But it is *the* problem, solving it will require its recognition as a problem among black leaders, and I’m glad that Obama, Cosby, et al. have so recognized it.


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