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Lessons in Democratic Governance


Barack Obama, during the campaign, made ethics in government a ”cornerstone” of his campaign, and said so in white papers and in speeches; in fact, you may recall when asked about legislative accomplishments in the Senate, he kept talking about “ethics legislation;” we all thought it measly but that’s what he pointed to.

Now we have Geithner and Daschle who realize they owe a lot in back taxes — but they only think of these tax problems when they’ve got a government spot lined up for them and a vet before them. And once that time comes, they are correctible at the eleventh hour, for purposes of confirmation and following the letter of the law. Good thing they were nominated, actually: It seems to be the only way to have gotten them to comply with the laws others have to follow.

For all the blasting of Bush appointees’ ethics and conflict-of-interest problems, I don’t think any of them come close to this kind of thing.

No wonder Democrats are so callous about higher taxes–they don’t care about them because they just don’t pay ‘em.

The Cabinet should be expanded under Democrats–we’d get more compliance with the law that way.


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