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Unofficial Fiance


Ramesh, Mona–I believe the nature and deep cultural meaning of “unofficial fiances” (and reluctant bridegrooms, uncommitted boyfriends, and the rest of the unserious relationship categories) will be fully explicated in the upcoming movie, He’s Just Not That Into You.

It is a great mystery why couples who plan to marry but find themselves pregnant unexpectedly early–or in Ms. Sanchez’s case, deliberately early–don’t just tie the knot quietly and quickly. I’ve wondered why Bristol Palin didn’t call in a judge–and hasn’t yet done so. (We know her father has a shotgun.) I have an uncomfortable sense that the younger ones value the wedding itself–and the dress, which won’t look as good if you’re preggers–more than the fact of the marriage. But that doesn’t explain the older, wiser, Sanchez–whose entire rationale is that, at 40, she is approaching the sell-by date for those eggs.


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