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Obama in the Post


President Obama’s op-ed in today’s Washington Post is a very peculiar move by the White House. It makes a case for refusing to compromise on the stimulus bill that Obama is clearly about to compromise on, and it makes the argument of his opponents: that the bill is not really emergency legislation to give the economy a short-term boost but an ambitious move to enact a much larger long-term liberal agenda in one fell swoop rather than working through the normal legislative and budget process. Why not wait a day or two for a compromise measure to emerge in the Senate and then make a case for why it’s better than the original bill and how it reflects your bipartisan outreach and whatnot? Instead we have a collection of campaign talking points that don’t make much sense when you’re the guy running the show, and that will make you look weak when you accept a different bill later this month.

After the past week or so, it’s really not all that clear who is running the show.


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