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The Wine/Cheese/Chai Tea Recovery


A few days ago the Obama White House sent out a note to its email list asking people to take part in “Economic Recovery House Meetings” this weekend.  “The economic crisis is growing more serious every day, and the time for action has come,” Obama told supporters.  “Join thousands of people across the country by hosting or attending an Economic Recovery House Meeting.”

The Obama administration/permanent campaign website has a handy tool which you can use to find a meeting in your area.  Just type in your zip code and you’ll see a list of meetings. I typed in a Washington zip code, and here’s one:

Snack and Learn Wine and Cheese Tasting (Economic Recovery Meeting)

Here’s another:

Apartment Meeting and Wine Tasting (Economic Recovery Meeting)

But maybe that’s just Washington.  In New York, things are surely different:

Midtown recovery meeting and Chai Tea (Economic Recovery Meeting)

But maybe that’s just Midtown.  Go a little south and you get:

East Village Economic Discussion and Chai Tea (Economic Recovery Meeting)

I’ve got other things to do today, so I can’t spend much time going through zip codes for the best meetings.  But maybe someone out there can.


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