by Shannen W. Coffin

Topic: A-Rod. Yet another Yankee cheater. Discuss. But seriously folks, putting aside my indescribable joy at yet another calamity inflicted upon the Evil Empire by Mr. Rodriguez, this is just yet another sad day for baseball. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens (post-Red Sox, of course), A-Rod, etc. etc. The Hall of Fame criteria are going to be difficult to establish, let alone describe, in a few years. And there is little reason to think that it hasn’t affected every team out there.

It is a smart play by Rodriguez to admit to his hand being caught in the roid jar, since this is truly a case where the cover up hurts more than the crime (see, Clemens, R.) but it is difficult to accept his attempt to cabin his use to a discreet period of time in his career (allegedly a three-year period when he played for the Texas Rangers).

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