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Since you were away, I thought I’d try to sell some more Liberal Fascism, and by my count you owe me several cases of, uh, RED ITALIAN wine.  “We are all fascists now” has now grown, the second installment is here.  Part One says that Newsweek was mistaken, that the economic “porkulus bill” is plain vanilla “fascism,” and will produce the inevitable expansion of state power that all such bills do.

That’s the part for which you owe me bigtime.

Part TWO comes largely from Tocqueville, and deals with his nightmare vision of an American Tyranny.  A soft, gentle sort, certainly nothing like the classic twentieth-century fascist states, but you should probably pay for that one, too, since it’s a lot like what you call “smiley face fascism.”

We can/should discuss the wine.  You’ve been traveling, I’ve been studying the wine sales…we’ll provide the spicy pasta, you bring the vino.  Deal?