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A Bunch of Elitist Snobs


I see where Amnesty International and the other human-rights organizations were shocked when Hillary sold out the Chinese people the other day.  Perhaps they will now say the same about Senator Kerry’s glorious appeasement swing through the Middle East, kissing, wherever his lips happened to settle–UNRWA (serving as a Hamas proxy), Dictator Assad, and so forth–proclaiming that we want to “talk to everybody.” 

But that’s a deception.  This administration has no apparent interest in talking to democratic dissidents, or even talking about them.  It’s all about power;  they want to talk to the rulers and the autocrats;  their own kind, in short. 

Which is where the Left has arrived at the end of its long journey from the Revolutionary Parliament in Paris in the 18th century.  Its ideology, as Hegel forecast, having been rendered irrelevant by the changes in the real world, they can no longer explain the world, let alone change it effectively.  So they are left with an insatiable desire for power.  As we once said about a failed Republican president, they are not very good at the “vision thing.”  They just scramble around trying to grab whatever they can, and from time to time emerge with incoherent babbling about “cowardice on race,” claims that tax increases are actually tax cuts, promises about reducing the deficit that they cannot possibly accomplish, and appeasement of our enemies, since somebody else once advocated support for freedom around the world.

It’s the global equivalent of country-club politics, now firmly in the hands of the Democrats.


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