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Don’t Let Them Get Away With It


No one who voted for the stimulus bill — that means you, Sen. Bayh — should be given any credit whatsoever for opposing the omnibus spending bill on the grounds that it is fiscally irresponsible. It is fiscally irresponsible, but that’s not the point. Almost all of the money in the omnibus bill would be spent this year. By contrast, the stimulus bill committed the country to massive spending increases in 2010, 2011 and beyond — too late to have any stimulative effect, but just in time to ignite inflation and to crowd out private investment in the recovering economy.

If one accepts the dubious proposition that government spending is required to mitigate the effects of the recession, how can one oppose higher spending that would take place this year — especially after voting for the trillion-dollar stimulus package? All this handwringing over the size of the omnibus from the likes of Bayh and Specter is just comical. It’s like listening to a guy who downed an entire bottle of tequila lecture his buddies on the dangers of taking one more shot.


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