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Down the Slippery Slope


In the Washington Post story on President Obama’s plan to reverse the Bush stem cell policy, we find that the very rules which we have been told for eight years are all that would be needed to unleash a slate of miracles—the rules contained in the bill which President Bush twice vetoed—are in fact terribly restrictive and barely acceptable as a minimum:

“We’re all waiting to see what the details of the policy will be,” said George Daley, a leading stem cell researcher at Children’s Hospital Boston. “If the policy were limited to lines exclusively from frozen embryos left over at IVF clinics, that would be a very restricted course and exclude some very important lines.”

Daley presumably wants taxpayer funds to support work involving even those embryos created specifically to be destroyed for research; a line that that even opponents of the Bush policy have always claimed they didn’t want to cross. It seems we will find out where the President stands on that question on Monday.


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