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Fresh Troubles in Northern Ireland


Terrible news from Northern Ireland (go here and here for more coverage). In recent days, two British soldiers and a policeman have been killed by dissident Irish republican terrorists. John O’Sullivan offers his take on the violence here. I’d be interested to know what Derb makes of it.

As the Times of London reports, “Police officers have called for a fundamental review of security arrangements. Terry Spence, the chairman of the Police Federation of Northern Ireland, said that officers had been coming under attack from dissident groups increasingly in recent months.”

The Economist adds more context:

There had been recent warning signs of a pending violent assault. Wary of a new attempt to break up the peace process, an undercover military unit had just been deployed in Northern Ireland to improve intelligence on dissident republican groups. The latter are thought to have reorganised after several splits. Northern Ireland’s police chief, Sir Hugh Orde, gave warning last week that the threat from dissidents, opposed to the political process, was greater than at any time in his seven years in office. And over the past few years the tally has grown of near-miss attacks on policemen and of sizeable bombs discovered (and defused).


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