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The Appeasers


Valentina Colombo is a brave Italian woman, a fine scholar, and an outspoken advocate of women’s rights in the Middle East.  She is also the wife of Magdi Allam, the great journalist whose spiritual adventures have taken him from Sunni Islam in his native Egypt to Roman Catholicism in his adopted Italy.  Valentina has produced a primal scream against the appeasers at Newsweek, notably Fareed Zakaria.  She begins with the ghastly green cover of the latest international edition, and its cowardly title, “Radical Islam Is a Fact of Life.  How to Live With It.”

Once upon a time, it would have sufficed to ask the rhetorical question, “would the editors have even considered a title that substituted “Nazism” for “Radical Islam?”  No more.  And of course they would spike any effort to replace “Radical Islam” with, uh, “Neoconservatism.”