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Making Vets Pay


It is hard to imagine a less appealing and appropriate way to cut costs than making injured veterans pay for care related to their war injuries through their private insurers instead of the VA. It’s the reverse of a sensible health care policy. It would use the private insurance market to cover costs that the government should pay for in order (among other things) to help fund the Obama health care plan, which would have the government take over paying for costs that the private insurance market should deal with. And more importantly it would be a dereliction of government responsibility, would make it harder for vets to get health insurance, and would send a terrible message to those serving our country in uniform around the world. It would also be in the running for the most politically stupid proposal in history.

All of that makes it hard to believe that the Obama administration is actually considering this idea. But the veterans groups and reporters in the know seem to think so.


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